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Kibow® Biotech provides a stimulating and challenging environment for people who have the passion and commitment to work. Join the leader in breakthrough patented and proprietary probiotic dietary supplements for kidney and immune health.

Current Opportunities

Contact us at info@kibowbiotech.com for inquiries regarding current openings

At Kibow® Biotech, Inc. we always encourage our existing employees to recommend their friends for our open positions.


Kibow® Biotech Foundation provides learning opportunities for students and fresh graduates who want exposure to probiotic dietary supplements, kidney and immune health.

Through our internship program we hope to share knowledge, build relationships and inculcate a passion for development work in young people.

Internship periods can vary from 3 months to 12 months depending on the project the applicant wishes to work on. Interested applicants should send their resume with a covering letter that will tell us why they are interested in working in this sector.

Send your resume to : info@kibowbiotech.com

Career Opportunities