Kibow Biotech – A proud sponsor of the NKF Kidney Walk

NKF Kidney Walk

The NKF Kidney Walk is an annual event held in more than 100 cities across the United States. The Kidney Walk was created to support the millions of people who are affected by chronic kidney disease, whether you are a patient, National Kidney Foundation - Kidney Walk PHLfamily member, or someone at risk for CKD, the Kidney Walk is there to support you. The awareness, money and support systems created by the walk are meant to improve and extend as many lives as possible. Be a part of the 85,000 people who takes part in the NKF Kidney Walks, and begin providing hope for millions of kidney patients worldwide.

Kibow Biotech –  A proud sponsor of the NKF Kidney Walk

For the past 12 years, Kibow Biotech has been a proud sponsor of the NKF Kidney Walk in Philadelphia. The event takes place just outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art and provides a wonderful walk along the Schuylkill River. If you’ll be attending the event this year, stop by our booth and grab a snack and a pat on the back! Your friends at Kibow Biotech will be cheering you along every step of the way!

Kibow Biotech was established in 1997 by its scientific founder, Dr. Natarajan Ranganathan, and is currently located in Newtown Square, PA (a western suburb of Philadelphia). Kibow has transitioned to a successful dietary supplement company. The company has accomplished a pharmaceutical-like development and validation for their proprietary Probiotic/Pre formulations for chronic kidney failure and general wellness purposes. Kibow is best known for its animal and human (Renadyl™) probiotic dietary supplements for kidney failure, as well for its general immune and general wellness probiotic supplements, Kibow Fortis™ and the multifiber product Kibow Fortis®. Guided by an outstanding group of internationally recognized scientific advisory board members, Kibow has been dedicated to providing affordable breakthrough dietary supplement products for patients who might otherwise have little access to the kidney transplant, dialysis, or cost prohibitive drugs.