A Novel Synbiotic for Augmenting Kidney Function

N. Ranganathan¹, A. Macherone¹, B. Patel1 R. Mehta¹, J. Marczely¹, J. Dickstein¹ and EA. Friedman²
¹Kibow Biotech, Inc. Philadelphia, USA, ²Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, USA.
10th International Congress on Nutrition and Metabolism in Renal Disease – poster #P-21

The term synbiotic, combining a prebiotic and probiotic in the same product, is not familiar to the typical US consumer. Even so, we are endeavoring to formulate a synbiotic product that will facilitate good intestinal health and alleviate nitrogenous endotoxins such as urea, creatinine and uric acid and other less well-known toxins such as di- and trimethylamine (carcinogen precursors) and indoles. The product is to be distributed as either a dietary supplement or a medical food that contains Lactobaccillus sporogenes, Bifidobacterium longum and a poly oligosaccharide.

L. sporogenes and B. longum are well known, normal constituents of the healthy bowel. Literature cites these as having high probiotic activity and recently Takayama, et al. reported a reduction in serum indoxyl sulfate in hemodialysis patients after oral administration of a proprietary bifido preparation. In vitro trials have corroborated this evidence. Proprietary L. sporogenes demonstrates increased catabolism of both urea and uric acid. Poly oligosaccharides have been shown to be beneficial to the proliferation of healthy bowel microflora.

Our synbiotic product will exploit the above properties and augment the kidney toxin elimination functions.